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2020 and Beyond!


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Our collective spidey senses have worked overtime in 2020….and understandably so! As we neared the end of 2020, many cried stanzas of “good riddance!”….again, understandably so! 2020 has been a year unlike any in our lifetime, yet I would be remiss to think that there wasn’t any good in 2020!  Continue Reading

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Clarity, Identity, and The Lion King – Two Minute Video


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IF YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR, do you like who you’ve become in 2020 (so far)? I know for myself, I don’t like who I’ve become in 2020. This year has inundated me (and many others) with fear, worry, anger, anxiety and so much more.

It’s easy to forget/lose our Christ identity, but the Father invites us to remember who we are by looking at Him…..Just like Simba in Lion King! How? Watch this video!

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