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The 14-Day Prayer Challenge


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Have you ever wanted to hear God speak to you in prayer, but you’re having a difficult time hearing Him? Have you ever wanted to experience His tangible presence in prayer? Are you hungry to engage Jesus more in prayer? Has your prayer life become mundane/boring/monotonous or out of religious duty? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, join me for the 14-Day Prayer Challenge! I believe it will dynamically change your prayer life and your walk with God forever!!!! Watch this video for more details!

It’s completely free and it starts on January 10, 2019, but you have to register to be a part of it! 

Register Here!

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Check It Out! My Book and Music Recommendations


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For the last eleven years and counting, I’ve sent out ministry updates (aka newsletters) to the amazing Revive ministry partners….and in those newsletters, I occasionally include a book and music recommendation. These recommendations have been well received over the years, so I thought to start sharing them with you! These are books and music albums that I’ve recently read/listened to that I feel are worth passing along. 

So without further ado, here are my November 2018 book and music recommendations:

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How To Find Hope When You’re Discouraged


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We all face discouragement from time to time….but God has set out hope and joy for you in the middle of it all! If you’re discouraged, watch this video and get excited….God has so much in store for you!!

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Leadership and Evangelism


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In the past few months, I’ve been honored to share on a few of my friends’ platforms with my insights on leadership and evangelism! I’d love for you guys to check them out!


Igniting the Passion of Your Team

The first is my friend, Joseph Lalonde. Joseph is an author, blogger and podcaster. He has a great blog on leadership and an amazing podcast called Answers from Leadership. My personal favorite episode is episode #23 (kidding…kinda). Not too long ago, Joseph put together an expert roundup on the Healthy Habits of Successful Leaders. Some of the experts include Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Kevin Miller…and me….and others! Please check out the roundup and let me know in the comments below which one or two habits you’ll be implementing in your life!



Episode #12: Sharing the Good News

The second is my friend, Katie Fleming and her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Pearson with The Goodsetters Podcast! This podcast is all about getting good stuff done, in every facet of life!  In this podcast episode, I share a few stories from my experiences in evangelism and give some tips on how to share the Gospel effectively. I had a lot of fun being on this podcast and I hope it encourages you as you go out to share your faith in Christ! Check out this podcast and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ask David #001 – How to Deal With Fear, Worry, and Impatience


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Ask DavidBlogVideo

Welcome to the VERY FIRST Ask David, episode #001 – How to deal with fear, worry, and impatience.

Would love your feedback! What verses have encouraged you regarding fear and worry? Leave a comment below and let me know how you deal with and battle fear!

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What is the Church’s Response To Parkland?


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WHAT HAPPENED IN PARKLAND, FL was absolutely devastating! The terrible incident on Valentines Day left me with some very hard questions (as it did for many of us), but it also left me with some questions of our impact as the church! I sat on these questions and a very honest gut-check for a few days before recording this video on February 20, 2018 (the day before Billy Graham passed away.) Ever after recording, I sat on this for a few more days before posting. The reason I did that was due to the fact that what I share in this video may come off as harsh or critical, but I believe it needs to be both said and heard. These questions require an answer and a response from the church. Here’s how I think the church needs to respond moving forward for us make the impact we’ve been called to make!

Please note, this is raw and honest…and may offend some people.

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