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Ask David #001 – How to Deal With Fear, Worry, and Impatience


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Welcome to the VERY FIRST Ask David, episode #001 – How to deal with fear, worry, and impatience.

Would love your feedback! What verses have encouraged you regarding fear and worry? Leave a comment below and let me know how you deal with and battle fear!

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What is the Church’s Response To Parkland?


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WHAT HAPPENED IN PARKLAND, FL was absolutely devastating! The terrible incident on Valentines Day left me with some very hard questions (as it did for many of us), but it also left me with some questions of our impact as the church! I sat on these questions and a very honest gut-check for a few days before recording this video on February 20, 2018 (the day before Billy Graham passed away.) Ever after recording, I sat on this for a few more days before posting. The reason I did that was due to the fact that what I share in this video may come off as harsh or critical, but I believe it needs to be both said and heard. These questions require an answer and a response from the church. Here’s how I think the church needs to respond moving forward for us make the impact we’ve been called to make!

Please note, this is raw and honest…and may offend some people.

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Grace? What is it good for?!?!


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No, this vlog post isn’t me singing a new Edwin Starr song, but a thought and discussion on John 1:16. What are the implications of God’s grace? How does it affect us and do we overcomplicate this? I talk about these questions and more in this video, which I initially broadcasted via facebook live.

Link to the facebook live video
Link to the prior FB live video which I reference

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Please share this post and also share your thoughts in the comments below!! 

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