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For the last twelve years, I've included my book and music recommendations along with Revive ministry updates (thank you Revive partners!) These recommendations have been well received over the years and I wanted to share them with you! These are books and music albums that I've recently read/listened to that I highly recommend!

God Chasers - Tommy Tenney

God Chasers - Tommy Tenney

This recommendation is an oldie, but I've run into a lot of conversations recently where someone has not read this I'm bringing it back as a recommended read! This book will stir your heart to:
  1. Know that there is more of God than what you've experienced.
  2. Pursue the more of God that He is inviting you to!
If you feel like there is more to God than what you're experiencing or if you're hungry for more of God, I highly recommend this book as a fire-starter to stir your heart to pursue more!


    The Cry - William McDowell  

The Cry: A Live Worship Experience - William McDowell

One of my favorite worship leaders is my friend and pastor, Pastor William McDowell. I've seen him lead worship where the spiritual atmosphere of the room will shift and those in the room can tangibly sense God's presence in the room....and this is evident on this album! You can tell that he's been in the Presence of the Lord and values His presence dearly! The Cry is a powerful, yet intimate declaration for more of God! I highly recommend this album!    
I hope you enjoy this book and album! If you buy them, let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

Last modified: November 30, 2019

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